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Super Mario 1992 Merlin sticker collection is a set of collectible stickers featuring characters and scenes from the popular Super Mario video game franchise. The collection was produced by the Merlin company in 1992 and includes 276 stickers in total.
Each sticker features a colorful image of a character or object from the Super Mario universe, including Mario, Luigi, Zelda and many more. Some stickers depict scenes from the games, such as Mario navigating through a level or battling a boss..
The Super Mario 1992 Merlin sticker collection was a popular collectible item in the early 1990s and is still sought after by collectors today. It provides fans of the Super Mario franchise with a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate their love of the games.

1992 Merlin Nintendo Super Mario Sealed Sticker Pack - 2 Packs

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